Gallant Therapy Services strives to help individuals engage in meaningful life skills that promote being, belonging, and becoming; ultimately leading to fulfillment through independence and successful living. Through Occupational Therapy principles and philosophy, Gallant Therapy Services focuses on assisting individuals to function at the highest level possible. This is often achieved through careful evaluation of the client to identify strengths and needs, adapting the environment, teaching new skills, providing equipment, identifying resources, educating care providers, etc.

All of GTS programs have a strong foundation and focus on skill development in the community. We have created many relationships with businesses and organizations in the Central Maine community. Many of our clients volunteer at these locations in order to give back and promote hands on learning of new skills, as well as the development of natural supports.

Our offices in Augusta Maine & Lewiston ME offer a range of rehabilitation, training, and consulting services.

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Occupational Therapy Services

OT Services
Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic

Our clinic provides occupational therapy treatment and evaluation services for children with suspected or known learning or developmental problems.

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Vocational Evaluations
Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations

These evaluations focus on assessing an individual's present motor, visual, perceptual, sensory processing, cognitive, memory, social, and functional abilities. Recommendations are provided that address the strengths and needs for obtaining and sustaining employment. Funding is typically through Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Community Support Services

Job Club
Job Club

The Job Club is specifically designed for adults with Intellectual Disabilities pursuing employment or who have had difficulty maintaining employment in the past.

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The Explore program offers individualized community support/day program services for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

Explore Program »


The Employment program assists individuals in preparing for and maintaining successful, long term employment.

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Section 28 Childrens Services


This program is designed for children 5-13 and focuses on learning social skills, behavioral functioning, and functional life skills.

Foundations »


This program is designed for children 14-21 and focuses on learning the skills essential in becoming an adult.

Transitions »

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