Section 28 Children's Services

Foundations (Ages 5-13) & Transitions (Ages 14-21)

Gallant Therapy Services offers Section 28 Services for children who have a diagnosis of intellectual disability, developmental delay, Autism, or Down Syndrome. Children with ADD, ADHD, Behavioral Disorders, and other mental health diagnoses are also eligible under certain criteria.

GTS Certified Behavioral Health Professionals are caring, attentive, trauma informed professionals who participate in monthly continuing education. Our BHPs work one on one with the child and family to provide guidance and tools to help the child and family reach their goals, build confidence, and maximize potential.

Gallant Therapy Services offers two main Section 28 programs - Foundations and Transitions.

GTS' Foundations Program is designed for children ages 5-13 who qualify for Section 28 services.

Our Section 28 Foundations Program provides Certified Behavioral Health Professionals to work with children and families on social skills, behavioral concerns, and functional life skills. Treatment goals often include: cooperative play, conversation skills, responding to social cues, keeping appropriate boundaries, coping skills, managing emotions, dressing and hygiene, following a routine, taking care of belongings, choosing healthy play/leisure activities, and safety in the home and community.

The Section 28 Transitions Program is designed for children ages 14-21 who qualify for Section 28 services.

Like our Foundations Program, Transitions staff are caring, attentive, trauma informed Certified Behavioral Health Professionals who participate in monthly continuing education. Clients work on the skills needed to transition to adulthood such as home and community safety, banking, budgeting, meal planning, cooking, social skills, self care, home care, and building relationship skills. Our focus is on assisting our clients in maximizing independence by building skills and confidence through community based learning.

Section 28 referrals are typically made by a Children's Targeted Case Manager or Adult Disability Services Case Manager. Prior authorizations must be obtained through the Department of Health and Human Services and Human Services' Authorized Agent, KEPRO. Their website is GTS offers Section 28 Services in the surrounding areas to our Augusta, Oakland, Hermon, and Lewiston locations. Hours are built to suit the child and family's needs. If you need assistance or have questions about making a Section 28 referral, please contact Gallant Therapy Services at 207-623-3900 today!