Gallant Therapy Services Offers Adult Occupational Therapy Evaluations!

Many individuals can benefit from an occupational therapy evaluation!

OT Evaluations seek to assist individuals, their families and their teams in increasing the person's independence in their daily activities, enhancing their wellbeing, health and quality of life. Our recommendations can help your clients find the employment options that best fit their strengths and abilities. OT Evaluations offer recommendations to assist individuals in increasing their skills in activities of daily living, academics, and workplace skills as well as in leisure-based activities. OT Evaluations assist in taking the steps towards making the impossible, possible!

Adult Occupational Therapy Evaluations address the following concerns and more!

  • Behavioral & Safety Challenges
  • Sensory Processing & Integration
  • Daily Functioning at Home and in the Community
  • Social & Emotional Awareness
  • Physical Disability / Limitations
  • Cognitive & Memory Skills
  • Visual & Perceptual Skills
  • Identifying Interests & Ideal Work Opportunities
  • Modification of Work Tasks

GTS also offers other assessments!

  • Assistive Technology Assessments
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations

Please reach out to our Adult Services Coordinator, Alyssa MacDonald, with any questions!
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