Caregiver Resources

Welcome to our Parent Resource Page at GTS! Our goal is to support and empower our families as they do the hard and joyous work of raising their little ones. We have created this page to provide quick access to resources that we have found helpful and informative to assist you on your journey. Of course, always feel free to reach out to your child's therapist with any questions or if you have a need for support!

Resources, Agencies, Support Networks

The Maine Parent Federation works with Maine families to provide support and assist in navigating the service delivery systems of care in Maine. If you are looking for information on getting services, learning about helping your child thrive in their home, school, and community environments, or connecting with others like yourself, the Maine Parent Federation has a vast network of resources and opportunities for education and connection. MPF even has a Family Support Navigator Program which can help with navigating resources, advocacy, and personal support such as providing a free advocate to go with you to your child’s IEP meetings!

This video presentation from the MPF helps explain the process of special education and empowers families to be active participants in their children’s education and services.

The Autism Society of Maine (ASM) is a non-profit organization whose membership consists of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), their families, members of the community, and the professionals who work with them. As an affiliate of the Autism Society, our mission is to promote lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals on the Autism spectrum to become participating members of their communities. Education, advocacy, support and public awareness form the cornerstones of the Autism Society of Maine's efforts to carry forth our mission.

Help Me Grow (HMG) Maine is a free information line linking families and professionals to information about child development, pregnancy, and community resources for children all over Maine up to the age of eight years old. HMG Maine is an affiliate of the National Help Me Grow Network.

State of Maine, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child and Family Services, Support for Families. This site contains a wealth of information including resources for Child Care, Children's Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Improving Outcomes for Youth, Violence Prevention Resources, and more.

The G.E.A.R. Parent Network, a program of Crisis & Counseling Centers, is the place where Gaining Empowerment Allows Results. G.E.A.R. is run by parents for parents who have kids ages 0-21 providing services for parents of children with emotional and behavioral health concerns. 

No parent should suffer alone and in silence when a child is struggling with his or her mental health.

Parenting can be challenging under the best of circumstances. But when a child, teenager, or young adult struggles with emotional, mental or behavioral health problems, parenting can be overwhelming and isolating. We provide parents and caregivers who are concerned about their children’s mental health with an opportunity to find and support each other in a confidential and safe space. 

Educational Tips and Tools for Caregivers

Does your child struggle with meltdowns after school? 


The OT Toolbox is YOUR therapy toolbox, filled with tools for occupational therapy activities, OT interventions, and child development resources. Designed to support the healthy development of children, you’ll discover hands-on OT activities, tools for therapists, and intervention ideas to support kids, as well as the OT professionals, educators, and parents that strive to help kids thrive.

Special education in Maine can be a complex and confusing system to navigate. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the various rules, regulations and overall special education language. This training is a resource to help explain the process of special education and empower families to be active participants in their children’s education.

A Guide to Special Education in Maine

Woodfords Training & Resource Center is committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of professionals and family members through quality, affordable trainings that facilitate professional growth and personal development.