Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Community Supports Services, Work Supports, and more in Augusta, Lewiston, Oakland, Hallowell, and Hermon Maine.

Gallant Therapy Services is a unique provider whose mission is to improve the lives of children and adults with developmental delays, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and Autism. GTS uses a client centered, strengths based approach with meaningful activities and skilled, trauma informed staff to help clients to maximize their independence and live their lives to the fullest.

Each GTS client is valued as an individual and has a voice in everything we do here at GTS. Our clients are part of the committee that creates the programming at GTS!

We provide Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, FeedingTherapy and Section 28 Services for children with developmental delays, intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID and DD), and Autism. We have bright, beautiful, fun therapy clinics in Augusta, Oakland, and Hermon, Maine. For adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, developmental delays, and Autism, GTS offers Section 21 and 29 Community Supports Programs, Job Skills, and Work Supports Programs at our Augusta, Oakland, and Lewiston locations.

I highly recommend Gallant Therapy. They did a very comprehensive OT evaluation for my Adult son with Autism. They were able to offer his support staff valuable insight into his what his behaviors are trying to communicate and how to better support his sensory needs. Implementing the recommendations from Gallant has made a measurable difference for him.

Amy Jackson

Gallant Therapy Services, is amazing. My son for the first time ever, has been able to develop strategies and coping mechanisms, for his needs. The staff is very knowledgeable, genuinely friendly, and eager to help my son. They take the time to include me in developing skills, and offer tips and ideas for continued therapy at home and at school.

Kristen York

This is a first class organization! They have a strong focus on helping the people they serve find employment, which is incredibly empowering for them! Ryan Gallant and his agency go far above and beyond the standard by enriching the lives of the people they serve on so many levels! From a former employee's perspective, I highly recommend GTS!

Jason Gibbons

Mary from Galant has helped my son C thrieve in so many ways. Today she was able to join an IEP and in doing so brought much needed insight to C's team. C has been able to open up to Mary in many ways and sharing information about him with the rest of his IEP team made it so she can literally move mountains.

Thank you Galant,
and Thank You Mary
for all you do