Assistive Technology Demonstration and Loan Program

GTS is proud to partner with Maine Cite to offer free device demonstrations and loans to all Maine residents! Our occupational therapists provide free demonstrations of equipment to help the team make decisions about what equipment might be best for them. Individuals or organizations are welcome to borrow equipment and technology to try within their natural environments - serving as a loaner device, assisting in decision-making, to learn about equipment and more!

GTS has a wide range of devices to loan!

A few examples on hand are:
iPads and iPad Pencils/ tablets
Adaptive Utensils
Medication Dispensers
Low Vision Devices
Hearing Devices
Communication Tools
Weighted Blankets
Sensory Tools
Dressing Aids

Equipment and Demonstrations are available in any of our locations: Augusta, Lewiston, Oakland, and Hermon! We will be happy to assist you with the process of using this program! You can go to Welcome to AT4Maine to create an account and search for equipment, or you can contact Alyssa MacDonald, Adult OT Services Team Leader, at (207) 458-9076 or for additional information and assistance.